From Sexy Brilliant To Becoming An Author, Devina Kaur’s Story

When team LitGleam reached out to Devina Kaur who is an author and media personality for an interview she was more than happy to talk about her life which she built for herself with her non-profit organization called, ‘Sexy Brilliant’ and most importantly her courage and positivity. The interview started off with questions about her journey as an author and the challenges she had to endure to get past it all. Never having imagined to become an author it was surprising to her as to what life had in store for her. Having worked as a banker for a really long time it definitely came off as an eye-opener.  

One of the major challenges she had to face was the uncertainty of the process and the discouragement from her own family but she sailed through it successfully. The main aspect of her book is the ‘K A U R’ trademark process in which K stands for knowledge, A for self-acceptance, U for Unlearning and R for release. She considers this to be the building blocks of the life she has built around herself. Having won the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award and the REX Karamveer Chakra she slays as a proud self-made woman. 

The interview revolved around her talking about the process of writing a book and the challenging part of publishing and promoting it. Her answers to these questions were straight to the point and inspiring. She also talked about her writing environment, her favourite books and tips for aspiring writers. As one of  the main segments of her life, body positivity and mental health were of primary focus in the interview. She talks about how people should embrace their appearances for what it is and focus on self-love. In the context of mental health she shares her personal experience of reaching out to a therapist not only for herself but for her 13 year old daughter as well. 

The theme of the interview revolved around acceptance, courage, rising above resistance and equality. Devina Kaur not only inspires us to be independent and self made but also makes us understand that each and everyone is sexy and brilliant. Get your hands on our magazine to read more.

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