Top 10 Inspiration social media influencers:-

Everybody needs some sort of inspiration to gear up their daily life hurdles. This is what few inspirational social media influencers are doing. They create content that every person can relate to. They especially focus on daily motivation, better living, which can also help an individual spiritually and can also improve mental health. LitGleam has brought to you a few amazing and famous inspirational social media influencers.

1) Nikita Sharma 

Nikita Sharma is an active advocate of equality and rights of women and an Instagram influencer. She deals with promoting women’s rights and gender equality. She also faced body shaming and has gone through a journey towards body positivity. She is also one of India’s leading influencers. She mainly focuses on guiding people to handle their failure with positivity, endorsing body positivity, and women’s rights. She has spoken at TEDx talks and on other social platforms. 

2) Gaur Gopal Das

In a world where  people seek luxury, Gaur Gopal Das chose to become a monk and left his profession of an electrical engineer. He has been a practicing monkhood for over 23 years. He is one of the famous motivational speakers who motivates people through his  spiritual wisdom and learnings. Whether it is for relationships or life, his teachings are beneficial for everyone and he speaks in such a soothing way that cannot be explained in words.

3) Jaya Sharma

Jaya Sharma is also known as (Jaya Kishori). She is a motivational speaker and spiritual orator. Her appeasing voice is popular among her followers and she shares wisdom from scriptures from the Hindu mythological epic Mahabharata. One of her programs holds the Guinness World Record, where the mass invitation Kishori’s Srimad Bhagawat Geeta was hosted by Sanjay Shukla and Anjali Shukla and presented the 1,11,000 sarees to women by going door-to-door.

4) Sadhguru 

Sadhguru’s real name is Jaggi Vasudev. His mainstream was English Literature, later he turned into a spiritual healer, author, and motivational speaker. On his  Instagram page, he focuses on success through self-awareness and finding a purpose in life. Sadhguru is famous worldwide for its ‘Isha foundation’. He spreads knowledge on yoga and other  forms of well-being of people.

5) Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is an inspirational influencer. She is a fashion blogger, content creator, Instagram sensation and Youtuber. She had faced a lot of hurdles, challenges, and failures but never chose to give up. She always  followed her passion. Komal Pandey was honored as  the Fashion influencer of the year award at the ‘NewsX Women of Steel Summit’ and awards in the year 2018. She also won two cosmopolitan awards for fashion and beauty in the year 2019. 

6) Kusha Kapila 

Kusha Kapila is one of the famous influencers. Kusha Kapila is a content creator and an actor.  Apart from that she often speaks out on social issues besides posting funny videos on her digital home. Kusha Kapila has also worked as a trends analyst and fashion correspondent for various clothing brands. She also encourages people to speak about their opinions and thoughts.

7) Dolly Singh 

Dolly Singh is a social influencer, she posts funny videos on social media and makes people happy. She faced a lot of racism from her teachers, classmates, friends, etc, but she never gave up. Dolly Singh is also an actress who recently starred in the Netflix series “Bhaag Beanie Bhaag” alongside Swara Bhaskar.

8) Ashna Shroff

Ashna Shroff is a fashion influencer.

She also has her online page ‘The Snob Shop’. Ashna Shroff is one of India’s leading fashion bloggers. She keeps on changing her style and loves to colour her hair with a vibrant range of colours.. She also appeared on TEDx where she gave an inspirational speech.

9) Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill is a stand-up comedian. He was a software engineer by profession but after winning a few competitions he turned into a stand-up comedian and followed his passion. His latest Netflix special “Yours Sincerely, Kanan Gill” which talks about a letter written by his younger self animening the life goals and whether he has achieved them or not today strikes a chord with his viewers. He is someone who never fails to make people laugh. He starred in the Bollywood movie Noor alongside Sonakshi Sinha.

10) Kritika Khurana

Kristina Khurana is a social media influencer, fashion and travel blogger and a Youtuber. In one of her interviews she talked about  depression during school days. In 2013, she started posting outfit of the day pictures on her Instagram account. Later 2014, she started her blogging website ‘ThatBohoGirl’ in which she posts fashion content. Kristina Khurana also started her online shopping store ‘The Hype’.

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