The New Era of Advertising: Strategic ad positioning for Smart Marketers

Advertising is both an art and a science. While the creative aspect of it juices out creativity, the promotional and positioning aspect of it requires tactical expertise. With thousands of options at hand, it becomes almost impossible for marketers to single out places where their advertisement should go.

But amongst all these options, there is one advertising option that stands differentiated: magazine ad spaces. Unlike website ads and pop-up banners, magazine ads are non-intrusive, and something readers even look forward to. Strategically placing your ad in a magazine that is read by a niche audience can increase your number of inbound leads exponentially. Here we discuss the top benefits of magazine ad placement and why you should take advantage of it-

3 Ultimate Benefits of Advertising in a Magazine

Direct Reach to your Target Market

Magazines have a specific set of subscriber demographic. Once you identify your target market, it is very easy to find a magazine that caters to the same kind of audience. Placing your ads in such magazines will expose your products directly to the kind of people who are most likely to use them.

Connect with Readers on their Break

Unlike online advertisements, people come across magazine ads when they are enjoying their luxury time. People read magazines when they are relaxing or waiting, which means their minds will not be preoccupied with work when they see your ads. This will make the last impression of your product in the consumers’ minds. 

A Trusted Source

The internet is filled with corrupt information and fake news. This makes people wary of clicking on online ads. However, magazines have collectively developed trust with readers over many decades. When an ad is published in a magazine, the reader assumes that the information displayed is 100% accurate and there are minimal chances of scams or foul plays.

How to Advertise in a Magazine

Contrary to popular belief, advertising in a magazine is a hassle-free, simple process. All you need to do is contact the magazine’s advertising unit for their media kit, pick out ad space for you, pick out the specific services you want to avail of, and voila! Your ad will flash on the peachy magazine pages beautifully.   

LitGleam- the First Interactive Magazine of India

LitGleam is India’s first literary and lifestyle magazine that offers a unique opportunity to marketers. Along with having all the best benefits of magazine advertisements, LitGleam’s digital editions offer special interactive ads feature that takes readers directly to the advertiser’s page when the reader clicks on the ad. This perfect combination of magazine and online ads is something that makes LitGleam stand out from others. Contact the LitGleam team to get info on rates and ad positioning plans in the magazine. 

Focusing on Literature and Lifestyle of the Urban Youth of the Country, LitGleam is a monthly magazine, an intrinsic part of BlueRose Publishers.

Within its pages, our readers find provocative essays on literature and lifestyle, guidance for getting published and pursuing writing careers, in-depth profiles of poets, fiction writers, and writers of creative nonfiction, and conversations among fellow professionals.


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