Open Up your Eardrums: The best audiobooks to read in 2021

Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of pages of a new book? When we read, we imagine what the author is describing in our head with our own voice. Audiobooks, the new-age books, give these books a voice. Audiobooks bring stories to life in their unique way. The narration enhances the story. Nothing can replace a good old book, but audiobooks are the future and here to stay. 

Listening to an audiobook can be done while doing other chores. Moreover, you can hear the latest book without interruption. You don’t have to stop doing what you are to turn pages. Furthermore, audiobooks allow us to listen to a book with our family. There is a vast choice to choose from as well. 

With so many audiobooks let’s see where to start listening. Here is a list of the best audiobooks to read in 2021 that we have curated and we recommend. Here’s what’s audible in 2021

  1. When Dimple Met Rishi

Written by Sandhya Menon

Fiction for young adults.

Available on, google play books and kobo.

It is a love story of two young Indian Americans. Dimple is a head strong girl and Rishi is a hopeless romantic. It is their story of the opposites attract clash. It is a young adult novel full of honesty, humour and love. Truly for the light hearted romance loving listeners.

  1. The last girl to fall in love

Written by Durjoy Dutta

Fiction, for adult listeners with a duration of 3 hours and 33 minutes.

Available on

Sequel to the Last Boy to fall in Love. The last girl to fall in love is a love story with secrets. It speaks of the only two survivors of humankind left and their chance to behold humanity.

  1. Unfinished 

Written and Narrated by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Available on and

Non-fiction with a duration of  8 hours and 29 minutes.

The book spells out Priyanka Chopra’s journey from childhood through teenage and through Miss World and Bollywood. Priyanka showcases her struggles and success through this intriguing book. It showcases her journey from East to West. A bold and inspiring book.

  1. When no one is watching

Written by Alyssa Cole

Available on Kobo, Google play books,

When no one is watching is a gripping thriller that has been described as relatable and realistic by many. It is an insight into the Black community and what they deal with. It is a horrific story about a Black woman who builds up the fierceness to fight back.

  1. Death at the Salon

A fictional thriller by Louise R Innes

Available on

A hairdresser becomes a suspected murderer as her scissors are found in a customer’s back. She is determined to figure out how to clear her name. A great plot which paces as the book proceeds

  1. No filter – The inside story of Instagram

A technology novel by Sarah Frier

Available on Kobo, Google Play books,

This story undeniably has no filters. The story is about how Instagram was founded, how it operates and how it impacts our lives, whether we are users or  not. It is the story of the union of Instagram and Facebook. It is an edgy, racy and thought provoking book.

  1. Under a white sky – the nature of the future

Written by Politzer prize winning author Elizabeth Kolbert.

Available on

The book deals with issues about the consequences of the impact of altering the natural balance on the future of our planet. It provokes us to think if we can do damage control after being at the front line of the environmental crisis. The book speaks about the big problem the earth is facing now – “the climate change”.

  1. Aftershocks – A memoir

Written and narrated by Nadia Owusu

Available on and

This book is surrounded by the complex issues of race and identity. Nadia has evoked strong emotions in her book. After her mother left Nadia, her sister and her father, they are devastated. The difficulties faced by a young girl are well penned in her memoir.

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