“I go to the nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order”. – John Burroughs

Mother nature is a great healer indeed, a pathfinder to the wandering souls, a stress buster, a soothing an escape  is found in her healing herbs.
A great mentor we can always find in the laps of nature, ever enriching our consciousness with fresh insights to brighten our outlook towards living healthfully.

Spending some quality time in nature is a comforting therapy. Nature never charges anything but what she provides us with is such a precious solace.

Many of our childhood’s been passed being connected to the ground, upclose with nature, playing in the outdoors under the heat of sun, and as well making paper boats to sail during rainy seasons.
The more we became preoccupied with  other stuffs while growing up, most of us seem to get distanced away from the breezes blowing around the nature.

The open blue sky above and the greener grounds below us, the trees around, the floras and faunas adds healthier aspects to not only our aesthetic senses but also to our mental and physical health. 

Nature in her wide campus encompasses many medicinal herbs which heals not only our physical scars and ailments but also mental strife. In the ancient times, many people have had found all sources of remedies for ailments from nature itself. Ayurvedic medicines in its composition includes many natural herbs for the treatment of ailments.

Many of us have had heard this phrase “Nani/Dadi maa ke nushke” (Grandmother’s prescription). They have learned from their basic experience through lives such natural remedies which often we are suggested to apply in case of minor injuries/ailments. In depth if we look the very instance, it delves into the power of nature in curing many frequently occurring ailments we usually face.

The use of natural ingredients in skin care regime the very practice has been in use since ancient times. And this very aspect’s been rediscovered as of the present time as well. The growing demand for herbal products’ been flourishing in beauty care industry. While most of the ingredients available to us from nature viz turmeric, sandalwood, neem, aloe vera gel, even slices of vegetables, fruits and the likewise can add glowing luster to our basic skin care routine.

The spices used in cooking are often gifted with the graces of nature. In our country, India basically we use regular spices to add tasting twists to our foods. Spices not adds good taste to the tongue but also has with health values as well.  Natural herbs often used as spices as turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, cloves, cumin and the likewise are of great health benefits as well can be used as regular spices to taste with the blend of health.

Herbal tea, coffee and other herbal food products are of healthful uses as well for improving and sustain good health.

Nature has served as a source of inspiration for many in creating their creative pursuits. The enchanting grace of nature has been penned down into the depths of poetries, the scenic beauty of her are often filmed, the enigmatic strikes of nature are often composed deep in the lyrics to write songs inspired in her elegance, nature inspired paintings and the likewise.

To explore the depths of nature is an ongoing endeavor.

For me as well, a tour inside out through is a healing experience.

A walk into the nature, amongst the green grasses, by the side of a beach or just spending some moments of solitude in her presence has always been a soulful rejuvenation.

Nature’s beauty brings into the spirit such a visual retreat. It brings a holistic approach to replenish the body, mind and spirit.

 I have been time and again been inspired from her enigma to ink some verses in her pride. As a part of mine personal experience I felt this deep,
the stillness in nature brings a sense of peace to settle inside.
Whenever stresses over strains, I have look around nature for solace and always I came up feeling rejuvenated in parts as well as whole.

The vibes being around in nature are so pure and of higher vibrations that it easefully gets absorbed in inside.
Some moments of breath exchange in nature, practicing deep breathing, watching the birds chirping around and flying free in the sky, the greener sights of trees rooted side by, conversing with the sky and trees , observing in stillness some amount of rain and sunshine, beauty of the flowers blooming, the colourful butterflies flying around in joy, the silver linings of clouds, mountains and rivers, ocean and the waves, sea beaches, rainbows and the likewise in gist what to add more, just each and every pieces of nature carries along with it a blissful touch of healing, I discover and rediscover this peaceful essence in nature always.

It has a healthy impact upon mine health, this has helped in coming out through not only mere mood swings but as well as helped to get through chronic depressions healthfully. Sometimes it happened the sounds of rain served as a mode of meditation and other times just gazing at the night sky, observing the twinkling stars brings out hope in midst of darkness. The more I spend times in the company of nature, the more open and lightful I have become and continue to feel so. Mother Nature has always been a source of learning and inspiration for one and all. She’s a home to all and can be a shield to those lost in horizon to revive. The resilience of nature widens up perspective, her caress always feels comforting. Nature cleanses and purifies our system. The one who remains rooted to mother nature and spends time in her laps always gets enriched at the core!

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