Maintaining Positivity, balance, and mental health

“One small positive thought can change your whole day”- Zig Ziglar. 

Positivity is something that can change somebody’s way of thinking. It can revive someone full of negativity. Positive thinking or an optimistic attitude, is the process of focusing on the positive side of any situation. It plays an important role in an individual’s personality, It might affect your physical and mental health. People who meditate daily are full of life as it upbeats them every day. It doesn’t mean if you have positive thinking you would ignore your problems, it means facing those problems with a positive attitude.

People with a positive attitude are more liable to live a healthy lifestyle since they have a more optimistic belief towards the future. Research has demonstrated that positive thinking helps people to manage mental illness and eases depression, regardless of whether they are generally optimistic or pessimistic.

Benefits of Positive Thinking:-

  • Longer life span 
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Have better immunity
  • Better Cardiovascular condition
  • Better Physical and Psychological health
  • Good Resistance to common cold
  • Better skills to tackle panic causing situations

It is observed that better thinking reduces the harmful risks of diseases and mental health. Maintaining positive thinking gives us the power to cope up with panic attacks or distressing situations.

How to maintain positive thinking:-

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle:-

Set a goal to work out at least for 30 minutes a day or go for a walk and or a jog. Consuming a healthy diet will assist to maintain positive thinking. 

  1. Laugh often:-

When you laugh, you feel less stress even if you are in stressful situations. A little smile or laugh can boost up your mood and make you feel relaxed Pursue humor in your busy life.

  1. Pen down your daily thoughts:-

Writing down your daily thoughts in journals can make you feel more relaxed and write down what you are grateful for. Small gratitude towards life or everyday happenings can lead towards positivity.

  1. Meditate:-

Meditate regularly because it boosts your concentration level and positivity. If you focus on positive thinking then negativity will stay away from you.

  1. Surround yourself with positive people:-

When you have positive people in your life you can depend upon them for helpful or positive direction. Negative people fill  your life with negativity and will talk in a way that will demotivate you.

  1. Balance:- 

Balance is very important in leading a healthy personal as well as a professional life. . People get confused about how to balance both at the same time, and people with negativity lead nowhere. Filling positive thinking in life is like fuel. hen you think positively, you balance your personal and professional life perfectly which will reduce stress.  This will result in better mental health. Being optimistic is the key to a successful life. A pessimistic person cannot perform life tasks properly and is unable to gain its rewards. A Balanced Positive Thinking is the process of establishing ambitions, potency, stability, and positive thinking skills as a foundation to build physical and psychological fitness: it takes attention, concentration, loyalty, and reproduction. 

  1. Mental health:- 

People who acquire negativity in their lives are pessimistic and pessimistic people are more likely to fall sick compared to optimistic people. Positive Thinking is the key to good mental health. When you think positively you see your life full of possibilities and you are less depressed. Optimistic people cultivate positive results in every situation. Focusing on positive thoughts rather than negative will help one to be less predisposed to depression, distress, and other forms of mental distractions. . When optimists do become depressed, they are more likely to recover more promptly than those who tend to be pessimistic. Optimists convert challenges into opportunities that make them happy and full of life.

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