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An Exclusive with Sivaji Rao, author of the book The Path Towards True Happiness

1. What is most beneficial to the readers about the book “The Path Towards True Happiness”?

a. The Dietary guidelines given in Chapter “Food” can help most of the readers. There are 8 important ideas based on research & practice. By practicing the ideas, any reader can improve his digestive power & health.

b. Many people have disturbed sleep patterns. There are Five ideas to improve the quality of sleep in the Book. These are simple & can be practiced. In the Book there are six ideas to help those who have disturbing sleep patterns.

c.Many persons suffer in their lives due to bad habits & unhealthy living styles. There are nine ideas in the book on how to develop good habits.

d.In the present situation, improving IMMUNITY is very beneficial to the public. There are 8 important ideas in the book on how to strengthen immunity. These are based on research & practice. There are many ideas explaining on how to SUCCEED IN LIFE and how to attract showers of WISDOM.

e. A large number of people need the blessings of God. The persons who can attract blessings can succeed in life. But many people don’t know how to make efforts so that they can feel the blessings. In the book 12 yoga exercises have been explained. By practicing cleansing breath, shoulder stand and meditation mentioned in the Book a person can attract blessings of God.  Such a person would be successful in his life.

 Path Towards True Happiness
2. What inspired you to write the Book?

I have seen many people suffer in their lives by becoming addicted to bad habits (or unhealthy living habits). In case such persons make consistent efforts to change their habits, their lives would be better. Persons with bad habits cannot enjoy life & had to leave this world after completing 55 or 65 years of age. I WANT TO HELP THE PERSONS WHO WANT TO LIVE HAPPY & HEALTHY LIFE BY DEVOTING TIME FOR THEIR SELF-DEVELOPMENT.

3. What according to you is a healthy fulfilling life?

Living a life free from sorrow, body physically fit and the mind under the control of an enlightened intellect. Making regular spiritual practices, like breathing exercises, yoga exercises and meditation etc., helps a person to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

 Path Towards True Happiness
4. Could you share with us some important quotes or excerpts from the Book.

“On holidays devote your quality time to practice solitude and deep self-reflection. To enjoy bliss, observe principles of happiness and devote time for spiritual practice regularly.  Then you can develop intuitive intelligence.”

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