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Literary Trends of 2021

In this era of literature, different trends are coming up and engaging the audience. People started loving literature and literary terms and have started reading  more books, journals, magazines, articles, write-ups, and so on. But are we focusing on the fact that they need to spice things up in the literary world? If not, LitGleam has some fascinating literary terms that can brighten up your day!

1) Romance

Romance has been alive for ages, and will always be. Romance will always be productive for both publishers and readers as it contains genres such as contemporary romance, suspense romance, motivational romance, young adult, and historical romance. It attracts both young and older generations. It demolishes the gap between generations and keeps love and romance flourishing forever. Romanticism as an artistic movement had  a set of ideas like rooting visual art, literature, philosophy, and politics that came out beyond the appointed limitations.

2) Young Adult

Today, everyone is moving towards the genre of young adult whether it comes to  movies or books. Genres like teen fiction and young adult are heading towards the limelight of literary culture and will continue to thrive in 2021. Young adult comprises various genres and subgenres  such as sci-fi, fantasy, and romance meanwhile it deals with common analogy and themes. Whereas, production houses are adapting young adult and romantic comedy or fiction for their movies.

3) More quality with more quantity

People are preferring more desirable content and don’t want to read it in one go. Yes, we do agree that people want to escape from lengthy and irrelevant content but they want dynamic

literature such as romance, fantasy, sci-fi, and memorable stuff. They want something with

good quality as well as good quantity and they just don’t want to waste their time on irrelevant and unrelated content.

4) Mystery

Everyone likes to have some mystery whether it is in their life or in whatever they read. Mystery

heats up the experience of  reading and always remains beneficial for publishers and  bestsellers Mysteries are being adapted into movies, series, Netflix series, and into some comics as well. Mystery is  one of the first choices readers make when they choose to pick a new genre.

5) Escapist Fiction

During the pandemic, many people  face financial problems, daily life

problems,  business losses, etc. People want to read fiction that will help them  escape from reality to  relax and feel good. People do prefer romantic comedies more but they are expecting more wonderful fantasy, unique dystopian fiction and science fiction so that they could feel light and escape from their tiring reality.

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