Away, Away from the Grim Ray

Away, Away from the Grim Ray

When blessings tend to take a substantial form

They multiply from cells to tissues in womb-shaped dorm

Giving birth to parental love and care

They come into existence as answered prayers.

Living life unaware of the world’s deceits and selfish games

They tend to pour innocence in their sweet and mischievous claims

While childhood for many, is a heavenly connection still intact

For many, it ends up in picking rags and begging on railway tracks

Some grow up with toys in one hand and books in the other

Many around still strive for milk, food and the love of their mother

Some ride on the swings of Disneyland

While here are many playing in the chimney sand.

Why such a rift exists for innocence to blemish,

When childhood is the time to cherish?

While all hold naivety in their bosom premise,

Then why do many live an existence that is nightmarish?

Make efforts to bring change so that childhood could smile

Where all walk hand-in-hand and no mouth gets food only once in a while

Where letters are the friends of all without any differences

And the blessings manifested with birth, are not trapped in gender preferences.

Childhood is to live happily without any tensions,

Not fighting the fears of getting trapped in sadness and detentions.

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