Book Review - The count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Book Review: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

Classical Literature holds a lot of importance in our present life. Not only does it give us a portal to enter the bygone times but it also informs us about the practices, thoughts and day-to-day life of those times which laid the foundation for literature that has since been written. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, comes under the category of one of the greatest classics that had been written. The Count of Monte Cristo was originally published on 15th January 1846. The story is set during the time period from 1815-1838.

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It is a story of adventure, revenge, justice and mercy. The title of the book itself suggests that how the story is about redemption and salvation, which are recurring themes in the book. Monte Cristo means the “Mountain of Christ”, and the author has used this to recall the reference to Christ throughout the story. Edmond Dante, the protagonist of the story is wrongfully imprisoned.

When he learns about a treasure hidden in the Isle of Monte Cristo, he burns with a passionate desire to not only escape from the prison but to also find the treasure and use it to destroy the three men responsible for his detention.

Like any classical novel, this book is filled with heroic acts of good against evil. The author has introduced treacherous plots, which question Dante’s will to go on. As a reader, you will be rooting for the protagonist in his areas of love, revenge and ultimate salvation. Dante lives for a long time, confined in his cell, surrounded by nothing but his thoughts.

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When he hears a scratch coming from beside him, he started to believe that it is the sound of God. Dante believed that God saw him suffer for a really long time and had finally come up with a solution, instead, the solution came in the form of a mad-man, Abbe Faria, who taught Dante everything he should know about life and also gave him information about the unclaimed wealth, a wealth that many believed did not exist.

To make this classic piece of literature even more interesting, The Count of Monte Cristo, is derived from the actual events in the author’s life. Alexandre Dumas grew up listening to stories from his mother, about how heroic and also betrayed his father was.

He took inspiration from his mother’s stories and created a fictional character of his father as Edmond Dante, the Count of Monte Cristo, who also is heroic and wrongfully betrayed.

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The book has a rating of 4.3 on Goodreads and serves age groups who are 10 and above. The book takes the reader on a journey of treachery, romance, adventure and mystery. The narration style is deeply effective as the author had focused on all the characters in the novel, equally. With all the changes happening in Dante’s life, we also witness the other characters evolving.

As a reader, you will find it impossible to not feel for the character. Alexandre Dumas has also very brilliantly portrayed his time period and what was going on around him during that time. The Count of Monte Cristo as a book also stands as a very precise symbol of the corruption that was prevalent in the financial and political scenarios in France in the 1800s.

If you as a reader don’t look for stories which are told from the viewpoint of only one niche or genre, then this book is bound to give you a pleasant time. The Count of Monte Cristo, is an amalgamation of crime, historical fiction, revenge fantasy, gothic romance and drama. This is what makes it a great classical read.

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Although packed with adventure, The Count of Monte Cristo, is not one of the classics that can be easily finished in one go. It is packed with historical names and allusions, which to some beginner readers of classics, may come as a heavy load of information.

But we suggest you not get overwhelmed in this journey, as once you get a grip on any classical literature, you wouldn’t want to look elsewhere. Another reason which makes this book worthy of your time is, if you are someone who is swoon over by larger-than-life characters, setting and narration, then classical literature and its gem “The Count of Monte Cristo” won’t disappoint you.

Any great classic and especially Alexandre Dumas book have a certain charm attached to them, which can never be forgotten. If you already love Classical Literature, then this book will be your new go-to read whenever you are in the mood to take yourself back in time.

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If you are a beginner in the world of classics and Dumas, then you are in for an adventure, which will make you cry, laugh, and will also make you furious along with the protagonist. If you wish to go through a gamut of emotions, then The Count of Monte Cristo should be your next read.

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