book review forever January a book by Srijla Guha

Book Review: Forever January – A Book by Srijla Guha

Book Name: Forever January
AuthorSrijla Guha

Author’s Note – So let me just say it honestly and not rhyme! Let us all love ourselves enough to accept the decisions we make.- We must love ourselves enough not to be afraid of the things that we believe may jeopardise our chances of discovering someone real. How many of us have given up genuine love, acceptance, care, and friendship for fear of a bad reputation? Fearful of “what will people think of me?” Why continue to sacrifice something genuine for something as phoney as hearsay and gossip? Let us love ourselves enough to accept who we are and what we desire in order for the rest of the world to accept who we are and what we desire.

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Srijla Guha’s Forever January is a captivating poetry collection. The key element of the book is the small natural components of life and how they are linked to an epic love that elicits a wide range of emotions. This poetry anthology makes you float through each and every word that portrays each and every feeling with delicacy.

The theme is all about love, passion, sensuality, and maturity, and the poems allow the readers to surrender to the emotions described in the rhymes. They speak of love as a person; they speak of love as a colour; they speak of love as a season; they speak of love as a promise – love has many hues and faces, but we fall for the simplest one – a person.

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Starting from the first one to the last poem, it is a beautiful fantasy world which can possibly be your safe haven. It has been written keeping in mind each and every detail of each incident that was happening around. The colour, the intensity, the spark, the need, and so much more – you will so much as you read through the poems and understand the tones between the lines.

The poet simply emphasizes the idea that falling in love and experiencing all of those wonderful euphoric emotions is nothing more than a journey for a treasure, which can be either love or a lesson.

The poet has employed an unusual combination of rhyming and free verses to create a mystical environment for the reader.

Reading Forever January was a grey journey with happy and sad moments, but the highlight was when each poem ended with a mix of open and closed ends; some make you wonder how this can end, while others inspire you to be creative, while some leave you depressed, but the beauty of each poem is that the deeper you go, the more enjoyable the journey gets, and at the end, you just realise that the mission was to comprehend love the way it is.

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Buy this book for yourself or gift someone – your outlook on the beauty of life will become musing. A book that muses your mind and emotion and lets you be vulnerable without any walls is what this book communicates. 

If you are willing to read something serene, raw, and inspirational, then pick this book out first thing today.



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