June 2022 edition:

Theme: Good Vs Evil

Hola People!

I hope you’ve all buckled up because the festival edition is on its way. Let’s celebrate the most awaited festivals not in the form of crackers but in the form of literature, i.e., by spreading the voice among the youth of Good vs. Evil.
Yes, you read that correctly: the magnificent edition will feature the most gilded and gilded theme, Good vs. Evil.
This chosen theme not only highlights the upstanding, superior, right-minded, virtuous, and exemplary write-ups but also helps you tackle the sinful, wicked, dishonorable, unholy, and foul aura.
It will make you think with articles like Occultism and Modern Witchcraft: A Peek into Shadow Wisdom, Goodness is Reality, Pretentiousness is Evil, and The Advent of Technology – Boon or Bane?
On the brighter side, this time we have covered Nikhita Gandhi, the new frontier of the 21st Century. A playback vocalist from India who has performed in four distinct languages for Indian movies. She has contributed to films in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, and Kannada. In an exclusive interview with us, she shared some of her gospel truths and unheard stories.
Do not worry, we have more enthusiastic content related to start-ups. For the first time ever, Flyrobe, India’s first and largest one-stop rental fashion brand, has joined us for a one-on-one chit-chat. Therefore, take a seat back and unwind because we have a tonne of information this time that you won’t want to miss.
Lastly, we don’t think you’ll want to miss the book reviews and movie recommendations! So what are you waiting for? Start flipping the pages.
Happy Reading!

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July 2022 edition:

Theme – Love

LitGleam is proud to announce its 54th edition with the theme “Love.” It carries a lot of different emotions that can be evoked and related to a whole lot of things in this universe. Love knows no bounds, and the intensity of this emotion is filled with complications. It can also shift in dynamics and change from person to person, thing to thing, from time to time, and so on.

This time we have featured Mihir Desai, who was the director of the thriller web series, Mirzapur, which became well-known across the country in a minimal amount of time. In the special coverage, we have an actor whose passion led him to his profession, Akashdeep Arora. He has appeared in numerous films, including Uri: The Surgical Strike and Inside Edge, and most recently in the television series Masoom.

Don’t forget to read the interview with artist and singer Raveena Mehta. You can read her interview and listen to her best songs and albums, including Jab Tu Hai Wahi and Aaja Mere Naal.

Check out LitGleam’s recommendations for movie reviews, series reviews, and book reviews.

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June 2022 edition:

Theme: Environment

For the Hottest month, we have released the Blistering 53rd Edition with a most acknowledged theme – Environment. Although it is a worldwide issue, still we are lacking in #VocalForLocal voice consciousness. Hence here we are to be a part of your daily lifestyle which can act as a succor in portraying the “Pollution and Carbon Free” Environment.

In this month of roses, we bring you poems like Nature’s Tits & Bits, A Tale Of Tree, and articles like Carbon Footprint, Environment, And Us, etc that will help you to stay hydrated and in shade. We also bring you movie reviews by Aayushmaan Singh Sirohi, series reviews by Aparna Singh, and book recommendations that will surely give you chilly and breezy effects.

We are proud to feature Sheena Chohan who was crowned “Miss Kolkata” and also won the title “I Am Voice”. She has traced her path from OTT to HOLLYWOOD film Nomad by award-winning director Taron Lexton. In an interview with us, she has also revealed her role in a new mesmerizing Netflix show The Fame Game, and a new comedy show on MX Player, in which she plays the lead.

Don’t forget to check out LitGleam’s Special Coverage with Veer Singh to talk about the lifestyle, its experience with the film Industry, about its current role.

Also in this issue – we have Author Interviews and Promotional Articles of well-renowned authors Sanjeevv Khanna, Magda Medini, etc. And don’t forget to check out the exclusive interview with Shrikjant Ahire, The Director of the series Wild Wild Waste.

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May 2022 edition:

Theme – Freedom

Forget the past, stop worrying about the future and try to remain in the present as LitGleam is here to revitalize your present with its new 52nd edition. This time we are going with, FREEDOM, a right everyone is born with as our theme road. Via this Theme, we have covered the articles, Poems, and short stories related to stiffness people are experiencing in their life by any means.
In this edition, we bring you poems, and write-ups by Vishakha Channa, Maitreyi Joshi, Sanjay Johri, and others that talk about Freedom and its effects on our life. We also bring you book recommendations that will surely give you mellow and velvety feelings.
LitGleam is extremely proud to feature Aakash Dabhade, an actor in many blockbuster films. Where he has discussed his philosophy toward life, the challenging role he had played in many films, etc.
Be sure to check the movie review and book reviews by LitGleam. Last but not least we have the special coverage of Somy Ali, who got turned from a Bollywood Actress to a Philanthropist to talk about her amazing journey, how she got involved in social work, and the views on Hijab/Burqua, etc.

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April 2022 edition:

Theme: WAR

Hope you all are enjoying Springs. This time we are coming up with the edition that will
help you in learning new lessons, enjoying facts with little crispiness, coverages, and interviews. In this April Edition, we are forthcoming with the theme, “War.” Saurabh M Pandey, writer of ‘The Kashmir Files’ has also shared his journey and experiences that he faced while writing this blockbuster film. CRY, Child Rights And You, NGO whose main vision is to ensure Children’s Rights has also been interviewed in this Edition.

If you scratch more then you find the review of an amazing book ‘A Guide For Elementary School Teachers’ written by Anil Shrivastava along with the review of ‘A Thousands of Splendid Suns’ penned by Khaled Hosseini. Also, do not forget to check out the article explaining the technology used in World war 1 and many such pieces of stuff that will help you out in hearing unheard WAR stories and the connections they want to establish through it.
Don’t forget to check out an exclusive movie review of ‘The Kashmir Files’ which has broken many records and which tries to show endless cycles of violence and separatism that had happened over the decades.

This is just a glance and it is surely going to attract you enough to turn out pages and give a read to this marvelous April edition.

So, sit back, relax and get lost into the world of words where imagination meets reality and where you find your comfort and solace in the best way possible.

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March 2022 edition:


Greetings of the month! There were things which we wanted to cover but due to our limitations, we weren’t able to do that. But this colorful month for Indians as well as for LitGleam, we came up with the relatable theme VIBGYOR for our 50th edition along with the vibrant color showcase moment. This jubilee edition of LitGleam includes stories, events, interviews, reviews embodied in good time, bad time, success, failure, aspiration tales, and a lot more.

To celebrate this triumph, we have covered “LitGleam’s 50 Editions” journey in Special Coverage. We have reviewed unbeatable & irreplaceable show Shark Tank India and picked the top 5 utilitarian companies out of 60+. On the cover, we have the renowned and prominent vocalist Jubin Nautiyal. Don’t forget to read the review of ‘A House Without Windows’ by Nadia Hashimi. An exclusive interview of Priyamvada Dixit, the author of two best-selling books has also been featured in this edition.

We would be honoured if LitGleam joins your everyday routine. Stay updated and stay tuned with India’s First Literature & Lifestyle magazine southafrica-ed.com.

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February 2022 edition:

Theme: Open Theme

We the LitGleam family welcome all the readers to our valuable platform once again. As we begin a new month of the new year 2022, let’s take a moment to celebrate whatever we have achieved so far and strive to do better in the following days. LitGleam has been your companion throughout your highs and lows and will continue to remain so. Let’s begin a fresh chapter together with everything we have in store for you in this edition.

This time, we got the chance to cover the multiskilled actor Swapnil Joshi who not only showed us the path in childhood but also created a difference in today’s entertainment industry. On the Special coverage, we have designer and stylist Saurabh Jain whose main aim is to originate a balance between his creative perspective and affordable fashion.

Don’t miss out reading about the book ‘Are you my Twin Flame’ written by Neha Sharma. It is sure to reduce the damming effect on your heart. We face many brainstorming sessions throughout our daily life. ‘Detoxifying Brain’ will help you cope with them.

There’s nothing like tomorrow. Mark all the pages and schedule all your meetings with this February edition. Happy to be a part of your Tea Time.

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January 2022 edition:

Theme- Open Theme

The entire team of LitGleam wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year 2022. May this year bring joy and happiness in our lives. As we look forward to new beginnings, let us leave behind the disappointments of the past and look to a brighter future. As we hope, let us pour our thoughts into words and give them a shape.

The new year may be here but LitGleam is forging ahead in its efforts to bring you the best of both worlds. Featuring on the cover is an extremely melodious and soul stirring singer Shilpa Rao, with big hits like “Phuljadiyon” “Hardum Humdum” among others, with eminent singers such as AR Rahman, there is no stopping her rise schweiz-libido.com.

We also bring you perfect reading recommendations to start your new year and some new releases to look forward too. Also if you are wondering what the fashion game in 2022 will be like, we’ve got you covered!

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