September 2021 Edition:

Theme: Courage

How easy it is to read motivational quotes and feel inspired yet how difficult to actually implement in life. The term “Courage” is synonymous with doing something brave and extraordinary. Often that implies the daredevil events we see on television. While it is not false, the entire definition of courage cannot be bracketed within the framework of adventure. Small, daily achievements require courage too. In this month’s edition we bring you stories of courage that will inspire you not once but every time you read them.

Featuring on the cover we have actor, director Sharib Hashmi basking in the success of his recent release- The Family Man 2. Discover the meaning and balance of Life, Love, and Money with Summer and Jen. Flaunt your style with the trendsetter brand The Navya Arya

Don’t forget to check out the exclusive book and movie reviews we have for you.

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August 2021 Edition:

Theme: An Ode to Mother Nature

In this edition, LitGleam is proud to feature the extremely talented actress Aradhana Sharma talking about her journey to the small screen. We are also delighted to have Actress Vibha Bhagat, Eco-Warrior Sagar Singh, Vegan blogger Shruti Jain and others with us, sharing their experience and insights.

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June 2021 Edition:

Theme: A Toast to Memories

It’s time to delve into your memories and see if the reflection of them is as bright in the colourful pages of the LitGleam Magazine. With candid celebrity interviews , exciting and honest movie reviews, a special review of the FRIENDS reuninion, authentic heartfelt poems, essays and more, it’s the magazine you didn’t know you needed!!!

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May 2021 Edition:

Theme: Dive into the Digital Era

This edition focuses on the influence that digitization has had on all walks of life. Featuring fun celebrity interviews, exquisitely thematic poems, and poignant commentary on all things digital, this edition is a treat for anyone who celebrates the life and literature of the 21st Century.

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March-April 2021 Edition:

Theme: Woman’s History

In this edition, we celebrate women throughout history. From special movie and book reviews to thought-provoking poems and stories- we have it all.

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February 2021 Edition:

Theme: Romance is Black and White

In this edition, we bring you write-ups that depict different shades of love. From specially curated recommendations to supplement your binge list to an exclusive interview with Rahil Azam aka Hatim, this edition has it all.

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January 2021 Edition:

Theme: New Year, New You and the New Normal

In this edition, LitGleam explores what happiness and normality means in the era infused with the post-pandemic waves. With book recommendations, special celebrity features, poems, stories and more, there is nothing you won’t relate to in this edition.

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