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My Fiancee’s Boyfriend

By- Prasad Deshpande

Chaitanya is in love with Anjali since college days. Sunny is also in love with Anjali since college days. But Anjali has made her choice, she wants to spend the rest of her life with Chaitanya. A chance encounter with his long lost friend Guru and his to-be fiancée Tanvi brings Anjali back into Chaitanya’s life after many years. The love that remained unsaid during college days finally has the chance to blossom. But with Anjali comes Sunny, it has always been that way because Anjali considers Sunny her best friend, a role which Sunny begrudgingly accepts as long as he gets to be with Anjali. However, Chaitanya is unaware that Sunny is still in Anjali’s life. What happens when he finds out? And more importantly, what happens when Anjali refuses to let her best friend go…

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Shaman, Woman and the Rooster

By- Jon Pebi Tato

A few people from Damyo village unanimously decide to visit the shaman in the Southern province, but on their way an unprecedented incident occurs- Yami and Takar are captured by the “uyu” (spirit). In order to save them, rest of the villagers must face the “uyu” with the help of the greatest shaman of the Northern Province. The journey is not easy and they must overcome certain challenges until each one of them returns to Damyo village to see how the truth unravels.

The book has been written by Jon Pebi Tato, a passionate YouTuber from Yaki Tato Keak village, Arunachal Pradesh. He grew up listening to the bed time stories from his beloved father which inspired him to write and bring out his own short Fictional story of “Shaman Woman and the Rooster“. The book is suitable for bed time stories for children even above 10 years. Although the book is fictional in character and nature but the author has given it an indigenous touch. The book reflects how the indigenous tribes of Arunachal Pradesh are dominantly inspired by the Shamanism since long ages.

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Where Did I Goof Up In Life?

By- Achal Mogla

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between successful human beings who reach the pinnacle of every activity that they undertake and the not so successful ones? The difference lies in their attitude. The former one takes every obstacle as an opportunity to attain the final result while the second category has a negative attitude. They do not want perfection in any work and they are always on the lookout for escaping work. And these same people when they start comparing themselves with the successful category of people, come up with excuses that they could not achieve the desired success in their respective spheres. In this book, we deal with 21 different excuses that an average person makes for not achieving the desired success and this book contains real-life examples of personalities who have overcome the 21 given excuses and made themselves a warrior, an expert in their own way and their own fields.

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Chandraprabha : The Iron Lady of Assam

By- Hiranya Borah

This book is an analytical biography of Padmashri Chandraprabha Saikiani (1901-1972), who was a leading freedom fighter, social reformer, educationist and a pioneer of women empowerment of Assam. The book has been written contextually instead of chronologically and therefore some repetition will be observed by the readers in the book. As there are many books on the Iron Lady of Assam in the public domain, the book has not been written as a typical biography on her. This book will showcase her capability and accomplishments as a freedom fighter, as a writer, as a poet and as a social worker despite her personal struggles throughout her life against many social norms.

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Half Past Five

By- Varun Arora

At some point in my life, I used to think, ‘How do people find words to write?’ and ‘How do they write songs and poems?’ It started with ‘I dwell in Possibility’ by Emily Dickinson, and soon I started dwelling in the possibility. These poems were written one poem a day, every day for 40 days continuously. Some days, it took two minutes to write; on some days, it took an eternity. On the days of eternal struggle, I had to list words from different places to weave them together. Some poems are from my collection over time.

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Reaching the Mirage Called Happiness

By- Mrinal Nag

The book written by Brig. Dr. Mrinal Nag is an endeavour to apprise fellow human beings that happiness can never be achieved by chasing it. Happiness drifts away like a mirage if we chase it but can be easily achieved by all of us if we learn to share our success with fellow human beings of the society especially with those who are poor, needy, and sick for no fault of theirs; those who need our help to be happy. Approximately 1.3 billion out 7.8 billion people in the world at present are poor and hungry. There are millions of people who are needy and sick in various parts of the world. People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many others are donating to help the poor of the society. People like Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa offered selfless service to the sick and helpless people of the world. Doctors and Nurses treated Covid-19 patients at great risk to their own lives. All these people are great examples for us. They inspire us to donate to the poor and offer our selfless service to the sick and helpless. The mindset of giving back to the society will only come to us if we learn to become good human beings first, which precedes being human. The ingredients of DISCIPLINE, if followed properly, can make us good human beings who would develop a mindset to help the needy and would even donate our own body organs to be used after our demise. The book has suggested a World Charitable Fund Trust to help the poor of the world in addition to the existing organisations. It has also suggested a recipe to achieve happiness which, if followed, will ensure happiness for all. This book may prove to be very useful for all parents, teachers, students, and young ones, to decipher the secret of achieving happiness.

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All Children are Equal Yes or Not

By- Dr Arun Kumar Bapna

The book is focused on newly-weds and new parents to know the ways of development of children. Parenting is most complicated of problems. Every parent wants to develop their child the best and wants the best future for them.
In this book, the following areas are covered: Differently abled children, Unlimited tiring demands (or indecisive parents), Early childhood relationships, Insomnia, Cola’s culture (Physical fitness), Genetically daring nature, Boarder child, Genetic coding, Daddy’s little girl, Rape victim, Handle with care, and Child creativity.
Apart from the above-mentioned 12 points, there are another 15 areas of problems and their
solution in this book. The book has opinions of world-renowned doctors, authors, social
activists, and world-governing bodies working for problems and solutions for the development
of children.

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The Shadow of Friends

By- Vinod Sabharwal

Languishing in prison, he is distraught and wonders where he went wrong. Would his fate have been the same if he had been named Sita Raam? The boulder within him grows bigger and heavier. He thinks of his lovely, beloved every minute of the day. She did not deserve such a horrific death”

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The Hangover of Choices

By Deepa Agarwal

Nidhi Verma, finds herself having an extraordinary experience, whilst she is on her death bed under unexpected circumstances. As the doctors work furiously to identify the underlying causes that led to her sudden collapse, her mind starts to take a walk down memory lane, to find its own reasons.

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You Don’t Love me the way I love you!

By Ekta Renu Chandna

Aarav and Shreya meet in college and fall in love. Shreya loves Aarav a lot although her best friend Meera wants her to break up with him. Meera sees Aarav as a practical guy who will surely break Shreya’s hurt. But for Shreya, Aarav is a perfect boyfriend with whom she wants to live forever. But destiny has other plans for Shreya which she has never even thought of. Will she find her forever with Aarav?

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Hashiyon Se Pare

By Dr Faizal Shakur

Living in the midst of social, political and economic changes and challenges that will shape India for the rest of the century, the poems reflect the convulsions around us. Alternating between the eternal themes of love and nature, Hashiyon Se Pa re does not flinch in taking a hard look at social inequalities, biases and prejudices that are inherent in human nature.

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By Harrshit Guptaa

Humnafas is an attempt to make a place in the hearts of all of you, to establish that relationship, that when you read any story of this book, it will definitely have a relationship as a moment in your life.

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Legends of the 6ix

By Devansh Gupta

This novel follows the story of Devansh, an Indian boy who goes to Canada for higher studies and is admitted to one of the most academically challenging universities in the world. Unbeknownst to him, there is another side of the university awaiting him, which was not advertised- it involves alcohol, marijuana, frat parties, sex and a set of friends who partake in all forms of debauchery possible on campus.

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Life Cycle of the Universe

By Jalendu V Shah

Centuries-old expedition of mankind to comprehend nature & universe based on reproducible mathematics and elevated science to evolve improved theories proving and un-proving them endlessly leading to nowhere. Eradicating Big Bang theory, the Mother Child Theory supremely enlighten the new era of modern science and definite direction to astrophysics.

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Little Pluto

By Anushka

The book is about Pluto’s journey of being christened a planet to then not being considered one. It’s a book about friendship which leaves a message with children that in life labels hardly matter. Life is about doing things what makes us happy and having genuine friends along the way adds to the joy

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By Amit Shah

Reflections of a wabi-sabi existence.
Black and White Photography by Amit Sharma
who lives and works in India.

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By Dr S Ramaratnam

 If values can be taught through stories why should it not be done through cricket? This is the motto behind writing this book. In the first chapter which is an Introduction to the volume, the role of philosophy in cricket is discussed. In the other chapters also, a judicious mixture of cricket and philosophy is served out in order to make it look like a delicious dish made out of milk and sugar. It is for the readers to enjoy it.

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