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How to keep your hair healthy in the winter season?

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    Where Did I Goof Up In Life?

    Where Did I Goof Up In Life?

    By- Achal Mogla

    Have you ever wondered what is the difference between successful human beings who reach the pinnacle of every activity that they undertake and the not so successful ones? The difference lies in their attitude. The former one takes every obstacle as an opportunity to attain the final result while the second category has a negative attitude. They do not want perfection in any work and they are always on the lookout for escaping work. And these same people when they start comparing themselves with the successful category of people, come up with excuses that they could not achieve the desired success in their respective spheres. In this book, we deal with 21 different excuses that an average person makes for not achieving the desired success and this book contains real-life examples of personalities who have overcome the 21 given excuses and made themselves a warrior, an expert in their own way and their own fields.

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