The End, let us live again

By: Karanvir Gupta

There comes a time in the lifetime when we not only start doubting ourselves, but also our past, present and the future leggi l’articolo completo. We are left helpless, hopeless and clueless about where we go on from here. 2020 was one such year in the history of mankind. The book The End is a tale of an incorrigible human world that was caught in the trap of unprecedented circumstances and sequence of events. The book is a reflection of many emotions that catapulted during the pandemic. The pandemic arrived, caught us by surprise and questioned the status quo in the world that humans had created for themselves. The book is about a long drawn battle for the survival of the human race. It is a compelling narrative on humans battling the virus and their inner demons at the same time. It is about the dwindling moral compass, the vices, the evolution and further need for evolving as a race. The book The End is an epiphany of quite a few realisations that we would have conveniently ignored or deliberately chose to neglect if not for the pandemic. This book is yours and mine watchdog. It is for you, me and each one of us to share with our future generations. This book will act as a reminder for the entire generation to not commit the same mistakes again. And remember that after each end, there is a new beginning – there is a new normal towards which all of us will have to work together. The book leaves us with hope that tomorrow the sun will shine and the world would be a better place to live.

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