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By Dr. Pankaj Kumar Jha

This is a book which deals with self-analysis of an individual for uplifting one’s emotion continiuosly leggi l’articolo completo. Being best creation of the God, human beings get themselves tangaled in exploring permanent plesures in temporary things which is quite impossible and that leads them to the waters of disgrace and repentance. Each chapter of the book has been written to deal with such issues and to find out their solutions. By choosing a field of interest, thinking power of a person increases, which can lead to self-realization.The various modes of co-ordination between enjoyment and renunciation are also described, which keeps an individual away from the fear of death and inspire him to be courageous, joyful and energetic throughout one’s life. Considering this book as an instrument of power, an attempt has been made to provide lessons to human beings always to engage in ‘Satkarma’ i.e positive work. Similarly the meaning of life has also been considered empirical not enlightening.The meaning of life is loving behavior and deeds of charity, whose intersting explanations can be found in this book. Devotion and confidence in life is said to be an instrument for paramount success which inspires a man to be energetic and industrious. Inshort “”Parishranta”” is an effort which motivates individual to be ‘Sthitpragya’ in every situations and spheres of life and preaches to excel in one’s choosen field with persistent efforts.

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