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What Is Retinol?

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    One and a half year

    One and a half year

    By:  Abhiyansh Shukla

     In this book, the author explains the unexpected experience which children had to face during these one and a half years of pandemic. The sudden stop in the regular classroom studies and outdoor games for more than a year for almost 500 days. Missing celebrations, parties, and outdoor gatherings, cultural activities led to the growth of frustration and fear this also had a negative impact on the psychology & over all development of children, but when the news of development of COVID vaccines started coming, it was a ray of hope for all of us, but later it was made clear that vaccines are still not tested in children, hence they will not be inoculated as for now. In this adventurous book, the author explains Covid from the view of a child and the experiences and struggles faced by children, that included absolute stoppage of outdoor activities, compulsion for online studies, difficulties faced by families who have little resources.

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