My Fiancee’s Boyfriend

By Prasad Deshpande

Publisher: Book Ganga

Pages: 189


Chaitanya is in love with Anjali since college days. Sunny also is in love with Anjali since college days. But Anjali has made her choice and she wants to spend the rest of her life with Chaitanya. A chance encounter with his long lost friend Guru and his to-be fiancée Tanvi brings Anjali back into Chaitanya’s life after many years. The love that remained unsaid during college days finally has the chance to blossom. But with Anjali, comes Sunny. It always has been that way because Anjali considers Sunny as her best friend, a role which Sunny begrudgingly accepts, as long as he gets to be with Anjali. However, Chaitanya is unaware that Sunny is still in Anjali’s life. What happens when he finds out? And more importantly, what happens when Anjali refuses to let go of her best friend …


My Fiancée’s Boyfriend, the name gives away the plot line. However, be sure not to jump to any conclusion about the story. When two people love each other, there is no place for a third person – that’s how the saying goes, isn’t it? But if not a third person, there’s a fourth or a fifth. The beginning of Chaitanya’s (or Chaits as he is lovingly called by his best friend Guru and his fiancée Tanvi) love story with Anjali goes back to college days but the feelings that are there in the heart do not go away that easy. Guru and Tanvi bring Anjali and Chaits back together. It is always a delight reading about true friendships because they come with to-fro banter that is not found in any other relationship, plus the care and concern that friends have for each other warms the heart every time one reads about it. The friendship between Chaits, Guru, and Tanvi is no different. As far as the relationship between Chaits and Anjali is concerned – the romance is nothing new, the feelings expressed are nothing out of the ordinary, so when I read about them, it particularly didn’t interest me. Yes, I loved reading about them, especially, the way it has been portrayed. However, the interesting turning point is when Sunny comes into the picture. Though Sunny gets a little story time, his character has a profound effect on the overall plot line … 

The story takes an interesting turn after about half the pages are over, but when it does, the readers will be so engaged with the story that it will be difficult to put the book down. The twists and turns, the story has to offer are mind blowing and even until the last page is turned, one will not be able to guess what actually is happening. The edge of the seat moments in the second half of the story are worth every second spent reading this book. The author has managed to take five very relatable characters and a general plot line and woven a story that will remain with readers long after the book is closed …

LitGleam rating- 4.5/5

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