Mula Gabharu: A story of Extreme Valour and Patriotism

By: Hiranya Borah

The novel is based on an Assamese legend, Princess Mula Gabharu, the younger sister of the
Greatest Ahom King, Swargadeo Suhungmung Dihinigia Raja, who became a martyr while
defending border against the fifth attempt (out of 17 unsuccessful attempts in 158 years from
1527 to 1685) by the Mighty Mughals to subjugate Assam in 1533-34. She took a decision to
face the invading army after her husband Frasengmung Borgohain became a martyr fighting with the same invaders. Her participation galvanized the Assamese Army to defeat the Mughals and the leader of the invaders, Turbak Khan was killed by her stepbrother, Konseng Borpatra Gohain Her son, Ton Kham also took part in this battle. The novel also describes the heroics of Sati Sadhani, the last Chutiya Queen and Kachari Prince, Detcha who were defeated by Frasengmung Borgohain in two separate battles. The novel also refers about Rani Gaidinlu while legacy of Mula has been shared with the readers.

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