Mera to yeh mai bhi nahi

By: Promila Devi Sutharsan

This book “Mera to yeh mai bhi nahi” is a summary of a book she wrote in 2008 in 2-3 days and with time lost it, but she recollected those thoughts and wrote again in her words in 8 days, about half and hour everyday. She is a mother of 2 baby girls and she keeps very busy and taking out her time from her hectic schedule is a challenging job. She somehow manages to write and pursue her dream which she has been thinking from her childhood. Thanks to her husband, who lets her pursue her dreams. This book is in short, the summary of her heartfelt thoughts and feelings which she has put down in words. It’s a short book telling in short about her existence, which the title clearly mentions. This book is just a summary of feelings which we all come across once in life atleast. She is a Poet and she loves to write her heart out.

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