Management by Trust- Path of Success

By: M P Sinha

Management by Trust – Path of Success is based on actual achievements and real-life experiences of a Manager who will only be referred to as Manager M, to keep his identity and places of work confidential. During his expansive career in upper management, he was instrumental in turning around many companies from the brink of bankruptcy or shut down. He had personified many attributes of a successful manager, such as hard work, discipline, dedication, ’out of the box’ thinking, entrepreneurship, time management and led by example. He, however, believes that the foundation of his success was in motivating the employees under him and having complete trust in them. This book will follow his career with each chapter discussing the different challenges he encountered, lessons he picked up on, highlighting the practices that helped him come out successfully. This book is a humble attempt at sharing the pearls about Management that Manager M learned and practiced, in his expansive career, leading him to be known as the ‘Turn Around Manager’ in the industry. It is written, filled with anecdotes, lest the book becomes another dry instructional book on management. Hopefully, the book will inspire and nurture young managers in the journey of their chosen profession.

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