Life: A Tapestry of emotions

By: K.R. Shyam Sundar

The verses in the book represent a variety of emotions, viz. love for a child and a mother, intense longing of a lover, appreciation, even worshipping of beauty, anger and sensitivity relating to inequalities and unjust outcomes in the society, humanity for workers, agony and ecstasy in the spiritual realms, love for nature, among others. Hence the book’s title is, Life: A Tapestry of Emotions. The verses are at once sensuous and spiritual, simple and grand, emotive and philosophical, profound and at times profane, and majestic and commonplace. In a sense, the thematic sections under which the verses are classified reflect the evolution of a ‘person’ in me, from romance to social sensitivity to bhakti. To be sure, they can coexist as they did and do. Most verses are in English and some in Tamizh. I hope the readers enjoy the verses in the book and could possibly ‘relate’ to some experiences or imaginations contained therein.

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