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Killing Strangers

By: Ram Gopal

The story opens with a mass shooting incident at the Atlanta Tech Corridor. Retired FBI agent Larry Watson who has just arrived at the scene for a job interview springs into the action. The story weaves the lives of three men: Dave Pruitt, a high functioning Asperger’s who is obsessed with guns; Alim Mubarak, an Iraqi immigrant who worked to be the example to which Southern Republicans could point as one of the good ones; Mark McCarthy, a young CEO who started Maverick Investments to fulfil his father’s prophecy. The recurrent mass shootings in America, the spread of radical Islam and the attempts within the community to transcend hate and violence, discriminations in the society and the reactions they can evoke form the backdrop. The story alternates between the mass shooting incident and the lives of the three potential suspects on the journey towards the climax.

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