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Could Love be Forever?

By Tanpreet Kaur

Are you ready to delve deep into the sea of love? Are you ready to unite with your soulmate? Are you ready to give your all in order to acquire true love in this world and beyond…forever and ever? Then, come and bloom in the Land of Forever Love with Barbara Watson who embarks on an epic journey in quest of her soulmate who was snatched away from her by the evil clutches of death. Will she be able to help herself as well as the Forest God, King Allesandra, and a cursed damsel, Sabrina, in overcoming their predicaments and unite with their long-lost lovers? Will their love be able to attain victory over the demons of time, distance, death, and sorcery Can true love endure each and every test which the life and death have to offer? Can love last a lifetime and even beyond? Filled with magic, spells, and songs, this enchanting tale of immortal love and surreal romance would burn your soul till eternity.

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