Checkmate to Time

By: Mithu Gogoi

Time unfolds veracities of Pragmatic life, portrays each individual with a diverse path, in a quest of a customary life. The poise of love turns into impatience and distrust as Time demented hope and aspiration of every individual. It interprets of tolerant inhabitant in intolerance, the agonizing valley hidden in the serene beauty. A revelation of time and circumstances persuaded to opt for an unpleasant path. The illustration of despair waits for unveiling the concealed until they meet, in fear of losing the trust of their loved ones. That story revolves around the life of Shreya who tries breaking the dungeon of time, in pursuit of her true love.

Shreya’s love, “Major” continues the battle for an objective that stimulates him to relinquish personal life in lieu of a collective one, demanding commitment and submission. Through the journey Shreya met Amzad and knew Hasim, where Fate bestowed over their actions. Time in reforming distraction introduces an enigma of love and understanding of inner peace through Akash. The plot depicts Time as Mighty and Influential. The battle of hatred, distrust, fear and prolonged gap in converting into love, trust, intrepid change Circumstances in everyone’s life.

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