by Ankur Agarwal

Adyakshar” is a bouquet of Hindi poems with “unrequited love” or “unanswered love” as the primary theme. Poems in this book not only attempt to portray love through metaphors but also paint a blend of emotions a lover goes through in the journey of unanswered love. Actually, everyone goes through such emotions and the words in these poems speak exactly what you thought, as a lover, but weren’t confident of being able to express it with such simplicity.The poems capture the pain one collects in oneself as they live with the unreciprocated love. While it may sound a bit complicated but actually the poems in “Adyakshar” are in very simple Hindi (and some touch of Urdu) that makes it even easier for everyone to relate to. The freshness of content, simple point of view that evokes old memories and feeling the poet’s sometimes subtle and sometime intense emotions makes this collection of poems more than worth for any reader. Strongly recommended, not just for those unlucky to be in love (unrequited), but also for anyone who is in love.

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