Up your blogging game

Blogging has changed over the years just like everything around us. After successfully creating content and having gathered audience devoted to your blog, expanding readership can be next on your list. 

Consider creating a website magazine for your readers and followers. A website magazine is  born after a successful stint of blogging. It is when a blogger decides to convert his or her static looking blog into a more interactive, digitally forward website magazine. Generally a magazine published on a website is the  next level or growth of a blog. 

The readers will have more to look forward to. Also converting a blog into an online magazine these days is quite easy thanks to certain platforms. Not only are they user friendly, but the website can be hosted for free. Online web magazines are interactive and appealing to readers as compared to blogs.

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Blogger, a blogging website, is a good place to learn how to create an online website for your blog. Basically, Blogger is for blogging but if you desire, your blog can be designed as a website. It has simplified and easy steps to create an online magazine from a blog.

Beginnersbook.com, a website on blogging, tells us simply how to convert your blog into a website. We have briefly broken down the steps and simplified it. 

First log in to blogger.com/home. Then sign in with a gmail id. Yes having a Gmail id and password is mandatory. So incase you don’t have one you can sign up for it. Continue to blogger and create a new blog. Create a domain name which is free and suffixes with blogspot.com. So an example of your website name will be something.blogspot.com. Choose a unique domain name and a template that suits your content. After creating it, start blogging. Visit your website and update the blog. Write content and publish your work. 

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There are many other websites where you can convert your thriving blog into an online website magazine. Some of them are wordpress.com, magloft.com and paperlit.com, tumblr.com. These websites too have simple steps to follow in order to turn your blog into a website magazine. 

There are blogging sites for experienced bloggers if they wish to convert their blog into a website magazine. Some of them such as silverstripe.com even provide website editors. 

Most blogging sites allow you to create and host your website for free. However there are some which charge as well.

In order to give your e-readers frequent and continuous content, and also because technology is pacing, it may be time to consider moving from being a blogger, to being the head of a online website magazine. 

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