Magazines and Literature

We live in a fast paced world where everything slips away in a nick of time. Though newspapers play a huge role in delivery of all kinds of news and entertainment, magazines have always been a part of this game. Magazines unlike newspapers are released periodically and focus only on one or a handful of topics. Magazines also work keeping in mind a target audience and also answers all your questions about a particular incident, a fashion trend, a best selling book, a celebrity controversy, a murder mystery, anything and everything by giving you a through analysis. 

So what is so special about magazines? Magazines are so many things woven into one bundle of articles, features, illustrations etc. It pulls in your interest in such a delicate way that you won’t even be aware of it. The target audience that a particular magazine focuses on will find everything that will quench their thirst of curiosity. This is the main reason why people usually lean more on magazines.

Have you ever wondered when all this started? Magazines made a breakthrough in the west during the second half of the 18th century but it started emerging in India only after the 1900s. Since then, magazines have evolved a great deal and now stands as digital magazines that are available anytime, anywhere People found various magazines that covered diverse topics that kept them updated on everything they needed to know whether it was about the film industry, art, literature and other facets of entertainment. 

Today we have digital magazines like The Week, Outlook, Forbes and India Today that deal with various topics but we also have LitGleam Magazine that talks exclusively about literature and lifestyle. It focuses on promoting self published authors and books that deserve to be read and experienced.  The fusion of literature and lifestyle is not only an exclusive combination but also something that is a growing interest among millennials. If you take a look at how different magazines are from other forms of entertainment, it brings to life the news that passes just as a description.

Though there are many media available today through which we access information about our interests, nothing can be compared to how magazines put in effort into the detailed and in depth investigation and analysis that is presented to us. Every section is credible, and is written by creative minds to deliver to you quality content that will make each and every moment you spend reading it worth the while. 

With time, perceptions change and with perceptions the mode through which new is delivered has also changed. People seek magazines not just to merely know what is happening around but to understand the world better. There are infinite ways in which magazines change the way people read and absorb information but the most important aspect of it still remains to be the better exploration of the news that a magazine crafts. 

Literature is not only an important part in a bibliophile’s life but also in the formation or rather the documentation of history and the way people lead life generation after generation and also the emotional, physical, psychological and even the linguistic evolution the world goes through. As a sole frame that focuses on life, literature is something that is necessary to be present in our day to day life. As much as lifestyle is important, literature is an expression of lifestyles, culture, traditions and a myriad of things. This has created a need to highlight the role literature plays in the field of entertainment.

Everyday hundreds of books are being published, thousands are being written and millions are being read. How do we get to see everything in one go? Magazines such as LitGleam make it easy, it brings to your fingertips the best books that you shelves crave, heartfelt book reviews and self-published books that will change the way you perceive life. This amazing, much needed collaboration of magazines and literature might incite in you a thought of whether magazines will become a part of literature in the future.

The answer to this hugely depends on the way life will turn out to be but by the looks of it, whether they exist as two different forms or as one, both will be the most sought after forms of art. Life is so full of uncertainties. Each and everyday there are so many things that happen and are talked about in the news, the radio, the newspapers but magazines will be special. Magazines will ignite the hunger for answers and will give it to you. This also turns out to be the sole aim of LitGleam. By presenting to you lifestyle, the expressions of life and the alluring forms of literature they make your life colourful. 

Focusing on Literature and Lifestyle of the Urban Youth of the Country, LitGleam is a monthly magazine, an intrinsic part of BlueRose Publishers.

Within its pages, our readers find provocative essays on literature and lifestyle, guidance for getting published and pursuing writing careers, in-depth profiles of poets, fiction writers, and writers of creative nonfiction, and conversations among fellow professionals.