How to Start Your Career in Machine Learning

by Artur Meyster

In this era that we are living in, many technologies are still being developed. Machine learning, for instance, is a technology that will make our lives easier. The industry is progressing at a rapid pace as new inventions emerge each day. One of the fastest-growing branches in the industry itself is machine learning. In effect, major companies are using this technology to develop, build, and improve their products and services.

Machine learning provides systems the capability to learn. It is made possible thanks to the algorithms and programs developed by talented engineers. On one hand, the idea of self-learning systems sounds really futuristic and until now, systems still need some human intervention in order to accomplish some tasks. However, machine learning has been widely used these days across industries including in the healthcare, retail, and automotive industry.

For example, as we all know, Tesla is a pioneer in manufacturing electric cars. In order to provide better driving experiences to users, the company uses machine learning to equip its vehicles with the ability to learn how to drive without human intervention.

Indeed, many tech roles need machine learning to complete their tasks at work. Some excellent examples of these roles are data scientists, software engineers, and AWS machine learning engineers. Therefore, it is important to realize that employers are constantly looking for talents with machine learning skills as they can lead companies to success.

Given these points, here are some aspects you should consider to place yourself in a machine learning career.

Learn How to Code Using Python

Professionals with machine learning skills need to analyze and interpret data in order to create mathematical algorithms. For this reason, tech talents with machine learning skills love to use Python. It is a programming language that is capable of interpreting, analyzing, and visualizing data effectively. Python has a large community where like-skilled people are able to help one another whenever possible. As a result, there are machine learning libraries that can be useful when implementing this technology in any kind of project.

If you want to learn how to code in Python, Thinkful is a good choice. It’s a school that is committed to its students’ success. It provides several courses where you can enroll to start learning the fundamentals of Python. Thinkful also provides students with a supportive career team where they will receive help from experienced industry mentors, academic success, and career coaches.

Enroll in a Data Science Bootcamp

If you want to be part of the most-wanted team, you must be proficient. For that reason, you should expand your machine learning skillset as much as possible. Professionals with machine learning knowledge also need to learn computer science fundamentals, as well as probability and statistics. Therefore, enrolling in a data science bootcamp will accelerate your learning process. By the end of the bootcamp, you will have a sharpened skillset. 

Flatiron School’s coding bootcamp is a perfect choice if you want to enroll and learn data science. Flatiron offers both online and in-person data science courses where you will learn how to apply statistical analysis, as well as how to gather data. After completing one of its courses, you will be able to deliver not only job-ready results but demonstrate aptitudes and skills that make you an invaluable employee.

Acquire Cloud Computing Skills

Machine learning professionals have to deal with data one way or another. Companies have changed the way they store data and moving toward cloud computing services, mainly because it is a cost-effective solution. As a result, tech pros are required to learn cloud computing skills in order to manage data more efficiently. Also, if you learn cloud computing skills, you will be able to analyze, interpret, and visualize data more effectively as some services like AWS have additional features that will help you accomplish these tasks faster.
If you are looking for a school, Coding Dojo might just be the one for you. The school offers courses where you can improve your cloud computing knowledge and Python skills, on top of other in-demand programming languages. Coding Dojo boasts a high success rate, with its graduates being employed by world-class companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Expedia.

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